Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sounds of Stockholm

After seeing a beautiful sunset departing the plane at 9:20, we arrived at our destination. Our hotel is located on a small street which made me aware of all the sounds of the city. Since there is no ac we threw back our window and doors to let in some air. The tinkling of dishes and wine glasses were heard as we dropped to sleep after our 21 hour travel stint. The next morning I awoke early. After a breakfast of various cheeses, hardboiled egg, and fresh fruit, I venturerd outside this Sunday morning. The sounds were very quiet and peaceful. The cars and voices of people were absent. I walked along the street of our hotel to discover the view to the harbor. From our boat ride later we found out it is actually the Baltic sea. There were two locks to pass through as we moved to the lake and back. The familiar sound of seagulls occasionally screeched overhead as I walked toward the water. The chime of a church could be heard in the distance. While walking to our boat tour, the sky began to cloud up. Soon it was raining heavily and we ran for cover under a large fat tree thick with leaves. As the rain splatted on the sidewalk, We used our umbrella for shelter. .Many different tour and cruise boats glided through the the water without a sound . Bicycles are a major mode of transportation for the locals They could be seen everywhere instead of the noisy, horn beeping cars and taxis. Stockholm is not a loud city and it felt a very peaceful place to live.

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