Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Weekend to Appreciate Art

I am planning a field trip for the 7th and 8th grades to the Vangogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. We need a place to go afterwards for lunch and to kill some time. I thought the Museum of Outdoor Arts might work. I headed over there Saturday to check it out. Here are some of the sculptures there. Many had an Alice in wonderland theme.

They were setting up for a big concert next door at Comfort Dental Ampitheater.

This sculpture was across the street. I went to get a closer look. This is titled "the Fence"  It is supposed to represent stonehenge like closepin people. The park seemed very small. I'm going to get a look at the branch over by Santa Fe Drive.
I headed over to the Denver Art Museum. I just recently became a member and wanted to check out a couple new exhibits. The first was an airport architecture display. They featured the Denver International Airport and had models, videos, and descriptions. The design director Curtis W. Fentress is  one of the foremost airport designers in the world. Fentress Architects is currently at work on the modernization of LAX. They had models of several airports that he designed, Seattle, San Jose, Korea and the Los Angeles still under work. I highly recommend this exhibit if you like to fly.

The other exhibit that was on preview was El Anatsu, an African Artist who uses pieces of metal and bottlewraps, and caps to sew together with wire to create sculpture.

Here is a closeup of his works.

Matisse Collage Paper Art
The last stop of the Day was a class I had signed up for at the Denver Public Library. I had gone to one before and ifs a series called fresh air. I met a few of my Mile High Mixed Media artists there and we all sat together and had a good time cutting and talking.

These are two of my finished pieces. What do they look
Like to you?
It was fun to walk around and see others work