Friday, November 7, 2014

Nova Scotia in the Fall

We took a fall cruise to Nova Scotia with my parents to enjoy some Fall Foliage. We have always wanted to see this area of Canada. The places we visited were Bar Harbor, Halifax, Prince Edward Island,  Quebec City, and Boston.  We went for my Fall Break Oct 15 and it seemed many small towns had closed up for the season. One town we drove a long way to find a restaurant.

The colors were at their peak the closer inland we drove. Beautiful reds and oranges we dont see in Colorado.

We saw numerous lighthouses at every port we stopped at. We rented a car to be able to see several cities during our stopovers.

We visited Anne Gable's house from the famous novel series on Prince Edward Island.

Quebec started off as a rainy day. We did several walking tours and a history museum.  The architecture was beautiful.

More color near the battlefield.

Chateau Frontenac in the background. My parents had a lovely lunch there.

There were lots of steps going from the old to the new Town.
It was a great time enjoying time with Mom and Dad.