Monday, April 22, 2013

Teachers Night to Create Collage

I invited the teachers and staff to my home for an art class.  I put easels on my ping pong table and wine and snacks on my foosball table.

Everyone brought a photo to use as their focal point.  We used collage papers around the edge of the canvas before we glued down the photo.  Using stickon letters we put a quote or title on the edge of the artwork.

Each painting came out so different.

Each person chose a paint color to coordinate with their photo.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Art in the Desert

For spring Break I planned a hiking trip into the desert. I found some artsy towns that we used as a base while we headed out to do some hiking. We started in Palm Springs but didnt really spend much time there. Mainly we took the tramway up to the top of Mt Jacquinto to do some hiking in the snow.  Here is the moon rising above the palms. It got dark quite early so we did some morning hiking and late afternoon before we had dinner.
The next town was Borrego springs.  Ian joined us in hiking in California. Here is Fonts Point. What a view!

Prehistoric Animal Metal Sculptures are numerous enough to make you think the desert is populated with these fantastic creatures. An easy drive outside the town of Borrego Springs; dirt roads allow you to drive right up to the scultpures. Camels, llamas, horses, mammoths, saber tooth tigers 

Here is another sculpture. One night after dinner we followed a map to find 20 or more of these.

Sunset at our hotel in Borrego Springs. I loved all the palms!

Here was a mission church in JoshuaTree, our next city we stayed in. Sadly, these little towns had no clue what Gluten free was.

The town of 29Palms had many murals throught out the town. One morning I drove around admiring the art. Here is one. Most were done on the side of public buildings, churches, stores, restaurants. 
This mural was on the side of the visitors center