Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Narrative Collage

This is a style of collage to tell some kind of story with text and pictures. I chose my son's upcoming marriage and used different things to describe their relationship and interests.
I started with layers of text below the actual collage and then painted the background. Painted papers were used as collage as well as images. Finally charcoal was used to outline the main images and text.


Artifice said...

I love your collage! It has such depth and is a wonderful composition. I particularly like the texture of the grass and the movement of the skirt of her dress.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Barbara said...

I could tell that this was not a digitally designed collage, its the real deal. I really love it- They will frame and cherish and if they look really close, they can tell how much love (and talent) you put in to your story telling.