Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Rains of Copenhagen

One thing we found out about our RS tour. Everything goes on rain or shine. I don't think I have every been so wet in my life. From the beginning of our guided walking tour of Christianshavn and Christiana to the end the rains did not let up. Doug and I had our waterproof jackets and shoes-better off than some but I could of used my waterproof pants. It seemed every Dane had an umbrella and their wellies on today as we passed by searching for overhangs when we could. The most interesting part of Copenhagen today was the independently run area called Christiana. It is colorful counterculture squatters colony. The land is a former military base just a ten minute walk from the Danish parliament building. Our tour was given by a resident who has lived in christiania for 35 years.

He showed us around the cafe, general store, bicycle building ,metalworking, and other craft trade buildings. But most shocking was the walk along Pusher street as a sweet aroma filled the air. We were not permitted to take pics along this street of commerce. Apparently the police take a blind eye to the sales of drugs here. There was grafitti/painting all over the buildings, garbage trucks, and fences. After spending two days in Copenhagen, it was not what I expected. The people are interesting, the canals and building design are pretty, but it is a gritty city - a contrast to Stockholm. Things are not so neat and tidy as i was nearly accosted on the metro.I think I would like it more if the sun would shine. We head back here in a few days after our trip to Aero Island.

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