Monday, February 13, 2012

Printing with Golden's open paints

There are some new paints by golden called Open acrylic paints. They allow you to print with them without drying out. Therefore the paints stay wet longer.
We met at Simones studio to practice some printing techniques using these paints. Sabyl had a jelli square that was also used for the same printing technique. It can be used over and over.

Here is the first step. A square is blocked off with tape. You can use a plexi board, freezer paper, or palette paper.

Then you use a brayer as your painting tool to spread the paint thinly on the board. It takes some practice to get the colors to blend together but not turn to mud.
Then we pushed some stamps into the paint or layed objects ontop. Rubber bands are good as well.
Finally you peel off the tape and lay your paper onto the paint. Rub ontop with a clean brayer or  your hand.