Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Yosemite National Park

After Ian's Graduation at Berkeley we planned a family vacation in Yosemite National Park. We reserved a condo in West Yosemite in the Park near Glacier Point. It was about a  35 minute drive to the valley. This photo was taken at a stop on the way to hike Cathedral Lakes in Touloume Meadows. We walked half a mile off the road.

This was taken on our Cathedral Lakes Trail . I loved the view of  Fairview Dome with the snowcapped mountains behind. I didn't know Yosemite had such high elevations. There was plenty of snow here still end of May.

This was another view on the way to our Cathedral hike. Im not sure what the lake is but loved the view.

This is a short hike at Yosemite lower Falls Trail. You can see how close the falls are to the Valley floor.

This is the Tunnel view at late afternoon light. There is a Wawona Tunnel we passed every day near our condo. You can see half dome straight ahead  and Nevada falls on the right.

The last day there was mist all over the valley and mountains as we drove to our hike.

Here is the drop off point we left Ian and Scott to do their strenuous hike. Four Mile Trail heads straight up to Glacier Point. The road was closed that day and no one was up there at the parking lot.

Getting wet on the Mist Trail up to Nevada Falls.

The top of Nevada Falls.