Monday, July 11, 2011

Recovered Swedish Warship

The Scandinavians are known for their love of the sea. Yesterday we witnessed all the types water vessels in the city of Stockholm. Today we learned and saw one of the most amazing exhibits that is unique anywhere. Our group ended our day of sightseeing at the Vasa Museum. This is a huge museum built around a recovered warship that sunk to the bottom of the sea after sailing for 20 minutes. It is amazing how beautiful the ship was with 600 wooden sculptures that were brightly painted and 64 cannons. The story reveals how this ship was preserved and lost in the sea for 300 years and then brought up and painstakingly put together
Iike a puzzle. All the ornate detailed carvings were put in their original place. 95% of the wood is the original black oak and the procedure they used was by spraying polyethylene glycol on the wood to dry it out. The reason the ship sank was it's top heavy masts and weight. The ballasts used in the bottom of the boat were not secured rolling stones. This boat was a marvel of technology to preserve and other restorations seek their advice from stockholm's experts. After visiting the old town (gamastan) and the vasa on djurgarden, we had tired feet walking back to our hotel. Tomorrow we head for Kalmar to visit a castle.

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