Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Notecards from my Collage

I Wanted to make some thank yous for all my great Volunteer parents in my art class. I found a collage page in my altered book and scanned it. Then I cropped it to 4 x 6 and put 4 copies on a page. Then I printed them onto watercolor paper. I mounted them on cardstock and even got to use my new stamper on the back. Im giving them out tomorrow during field day. Thank you Volunteers!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Art Journal Techniques

I Have been spending some time trying our some new art materials and techniques in my art journal I made. This page uses reinkers to make bold colors that really cover. They come in little squirt bottles and I used a credit card to spread the color. One drawback is the length of time they take to dry if you get too much on the paper. The only place I could find to buy them was on Joann fabrics and they have lots of brands and frequently go on sale. I also used some collage and outlining with my new Copic markers. (They write on everything)
This page used reinkers as well and some collaging. I havent started actually journaling (writing) much on the pages yet. I have been learning these techniques through an online tutorial by Millanade. Here is the link to her great resource:
This page incorporated a tree and images and a gel transfer pic (on the right side) Didnt come out so well. I then drew over the background with my marker and painted with the diluted reinker with a brush. Below I used watercolor paint and outlined with my marker. There is so much to do with color and paint.