Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Art Quilt Layout

After making our fabric designs and practicing stitching, now we had to put together our own art quilts. We had to make sure our piece was balanced and colors blended well together. Here are two designs I came up with. We are using wonder under to adhere the pieces and also stitching some areas together.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Free Motion Stitching

For this Week in our Fiber Class it was time to get out the sewing Machine. We practiced something called Free Motion Stitching. You use a special foot (see Below) that allows you to glide over your fabric without rotating the material. You have to disengage the teeth under the foot so it doesnt grab and move the fabric you are stitching. Here are some different shapes we practiced. We also stitched over a piece of fiber yarn. It was fun to do once I got the hang of it.
We used a sandwich to practice our stitches on. There was two pieces of muslin with a layer of batting. We used very thin batting made of wool. Not the cheap polyfil type. To hold the layers together we used a spray adhesive from a can. Our teacher, Jo , prefers to use safety pins.
We had a sub teacher today that was awesome, Susan. Her quilts she showed us were beautiful. Next week we start piecing our own art quilt together.