Sunday, November 23, 2008

Step 3 on my Collage

Here I added more printing elements: We made styrofoam prints, here is a fish on the center left, I made a shell print with that foamy hairdryer substance on the bottom. Another printed paper is in the center as a thin strip (orange and light blue) This was a print from a Traci Bautista class using paper towels and liquid watercolor. Get her book, its great!! There is some paste paper techinique on the right side (blue) I cut into the shape of waves. I added some net on the bottom keeping with the undersea theme. Here and there I put bits of mulberry paper to fill in holes or cover up sharp edges.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Collage- part 2

Here I added some papers with text and map paper. Also some tissue paper to start to fill in the canvas. I am also trying to keep with handprinted or handmade papers. I will describe them as I add them. The paper in the top left hand corner is paper that was stamped with a text rubber stamp on tan paper.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Collage in Progress

Last week at Art Monday, we started a collage using different types of printing methods. We used foam plate printing and collograph. I picked the theme of Ocean/Caribbean/fish. We only got as far as the printing part. So Im posting the collage at each step to share with my artist friends.

This is the canvas after gessoeing the entire background. I painted in some color to coordinate with my color theme. I chose aqua, blue, maroon and tan, maybe some greenish blue as well.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Encaustic Art

I think I would use these as backgrounds for atcs or torn up in a collage. The image to the right above was on a piece of foam core that was folded to get the lines before adding the wax.

I took a class Saturday that involved wax on paper. I had always wanted to work with wax. The instructor worked exclusively on paper and made cards. I tried to branch out and incorporate paper into them. I think collage encaustic art uses wood and a thicker layer of wax. Here are some I made. We used a craft iron that we rubbed squares of wax onto in different colors. Then we combined them in patterns.

I didnt like how thin the layer of wax went on. To translucent for me. Has anyone tried this? What did you use them in? I would love to see your work.