Friday, November 15, 2013

Saturday Collage Class- in the style of Claudine

This past Saturday our collage class worked with a technique that is well known by Claudine Hellmuth. We started with a black and white photograph copy of a person. Then we added patterned paper, paint, text, or printing.  Everyone's piece came out so different. This is mine.

Ginger showed us a vaseline relief method for our paintings. She applied vaseline over the collaged picture and then painted with crackle paint. She wiped off some of the paint near the vaseline design. It was a neat look!

We meet at Susan and Sabyl's studio downtown denver near Broadway. They set up tables so we can all work. We have the best time chatting while we are creating.

Here are some designs by others.

Susan used lots of people on hers.

Enid found these cool fish to collage on.

Here is Ginger's relief with a circus theme.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Helping in Haiti

For Fall break this year I led a mission trip to Grand Savann Haiti.
Our purpose was to continue with a project to rebuild a school that was destroyed in the Hurricane.

We were there while the bread oven was finished. Rochester Christian Church had been here in April to start the project. We were able to work alongside them and to continue the school construction.

Every morning we started the day with prayer. Two people were chosen to pray in Haitian and two in English.

Here is the church. In the background you can see the school wing we were working on.

We took a walk through their beautiful village. It was surprising how many Voodoo temples were nearby. We prayed with some of the church members and their family.

Here is a before pic, nice and clean early in the morning. We drank so much water and gatorade packets to keep up our strength.

This was the hardest job, making the concrete for the stucco. We had to shake a screen to get very small particles of sand to make the mixture. We built up our muscles!

Linette and I helped the ladies make some yeast bread for their new oven.

In the evening we had our devotions on the rooftop. One night we had this gorgeous sunset.
We had four of us from my school participate in the trip. It was great getting to know everyone. We loved our new best friends.

This was the grounds where we stayed in Christianville. There were people from many different ministries staying here. We all had dinner together and talked about our days.

Friday, September 27, 2013

My Art Displayed in Fundraising Show VSA

VSA is an organization that provides art programs for people with disablility.  Every year they have a fundraiser and sell original art pieces in an evening event. My friends Kim, Stacey, and Jen all worked on our pieces last Wednesday. The company supplies a 10 x 10 wooded board to create your art on. We all chose collage mixed media art. Here mine is hanging up with Kim's to the left and Stacey's below Kims boat landscape.
This pic shows the orange sticker they put on the paintings as they sell. I  sold mine as I can see from the photo. We weren't able to go Friday night due to sickness.

Here is my landscape collage. I used some batik paper , paste paper, unyru and other hand painted papers that I made to assemble together.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Printing on a plate- Art Saturday

Second Saturday of each month we get together with other artists to create different projects. This week we tried some monoprints. A monoprint is a unique one time print.We started with acrylic plates and brayered on ink and added stencils or marks.

Simone has a printing press in her garage she calls "Presslee"  so that's were we met this week.

Putting the plate in ready to print. We had to wet the paper first before we put it on top.

It was fun to meet some new people that came. Everyone had a different idea for their print.

Here are some of the results.

This was mine.

Can you find me in the pic?
We all had a great time. Thanks so much Sabyl and Simone for all your hard work planning and setting up for everyone!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Art of Brugge

Stadhuis. Built in the 14th and restored in the 19th, the town hall has a beautiful fa├žade.