Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mixed Media Portrait Collage (text background)

I decided to try a portrait collage using text as the main background.  Here is the finished painting. I took a few in process photos and will try to explain the steps.
First I chose a photo from a magazine that I used for the head. I added body and legs with map and patterned paper.  The background was various types of paper glued down. I added a layer of gesso to the background but wiped some off so some of the paper showed through.
Here is step two.  I added some paint to the background in a few colors. stamped a heart and painted flesh color on the body.  I used a brayer to apply the background paint so it was more translucent.
Lastly I painted facial features and a few other details like a theater mask and a stage.
Adding the text was the last and fun step I chose several quotes from the internet based on my subject (going to the theater).  I wrote them in black pen first in block style script.  Next I used a white Signo pen to fill in the letters so it would stand out against the painted background.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Twentyone Reasons why I Love New Zealand

This  Christmas we spent two weeks in now my favorite place on earth. I chose some pics to show the diversity of this paradise.

There were tropical fern forests...
Beautiful Beaches
A helicopter to go glacier hiking in short sleeves!

We went hiking everyday in the South Island.

We took a boat ride to get to one hike in the Milford Sound.

Here were some of the spectacular views when we hiked to the top of our trail.

We had the best weather. Sunny every day.

The water was so pure you could fill up your camelbak at the waterfall or glacier.

This is how we celebrated Christmas day with our fun guide Lauren.

We did an overnight boat cruise on the doubtful sound.

Here is the famous bungy jump

Mt Cook National Park is one place I could go back to see more