Thursday, December 11, 2008

Collage Finally Finished!!

Here are some finishing touches:
I found a tropical plant ( bird of paradise?) and cut it out as a focal point for the center of my collage. I added another fish picture and some mulberry paper torn to look like organic elements in the lower left. I glued on a real shell. I found a red matisse shape and cut that out on the top area. I put some rice paper (lacy type) over some hard edges to soften and bring the colors together. A little bit more tissue paper to fill in and its done!!


purplepaint said...

Trish - I love your collage and I've nominated your blog for an award - go see my blog for details. I didn't know you lived in Colorado too!!!! Marva

purplepaint said...

Trish - I forgot to give you a link to the right blog:


Val Foster said...

Hi Trish. I'm loving this collage. Love the colors, the different textures, and that it has such an organic look and feel to it. Great job.

And also, congrats on getting your second blog award from Marva. And she lives in Colorado too.

Kim said...

Beautiful collage! That red flower is a heliconia, in case you're still wondering.