Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cripple Creek Overnight in the Jail

The jail is also a museum. They had to pay an employee to stay all night with us in the jail. She was very knowledgable about the comings and goings of the ghosts in the jail. She even knew the names and which rooms we would find them.

We headed down to Cripple Creek Saturday afternoon for our overnight in the Jail. I had never been to Cripple Creek. It is a city that has basically turned into a casino town. Old storefronts have been transformed into casinos. There was a snowstorm predicted and we ran into some whiteout as we went over the pass before we got to town.

Here is the town of Cripple Creek. There are beautiful mountains surrounding the town. Great views on the drive there. There are old mine buildings all over.  Very historic.
Sharon and I left later than some in the group who were heading to hike before. We had some time before we were to meet everyone for dinner. So we drove 4 miles further to see the town of Victor.

We did not see many people at all here.

It was fun to walk down the street. In the prime time of the city of 1900 the city had 18,000 residents. Now the population is 400 people. Gold mining was the mineral of the mine shafts.

This diagram shows the use of the many mine shaft hoists that were seen all over. They were used to lower people into the mine.

Dinner at the Imperial Hotel and Casino. It was a good Italian meal- even had gluten free pasta.
This was the room where dead bodies were stored in the winter until the ground thawed  to bury them. Amy the ghost was in here and liked it when we read the bible to her.

This is the center of the jail and how we got into each cell to sleep for the night. Three ladies left after our ghost tour and declined to sleep here.
This picture shows Orbs (the circles). What is an orb ?  Why do they visit ?  Where are they from ? This unique phenomena is considered to be spirits of people that take on the shape and appearance of traveling balls of light energy, or possibly ectoplasm. Orbs are a temporary mode of travel for spirits of deceased people who have crossed over into the afterlife. And there are other theories as well.t
They had costumes we could put on to take a picture. This was a lot of fun with a great group of people. Several husbands came along but mostly just some Adventurous Women.
This is the cell where I slept. I brought a cot and it was kept at 60 degrees. I slept well except we had to get up at 5 am to clear out by 6 AM.  We all met at another casino (Bronco Billy's) for a 49 cent breakfast before heading home.