Saturday, August 6, 2016

Barry and the Boys Vacation to Colorado

My brother and my nephews came to visit for their vacation to Colorado. I had fun coming up with things to do for boys. First stop was the Georgetown Railroad loop.

Here were great photo ops with all the trains!

Next we headed over to Rocky Mountain National Park to do some tent camping.

It was fun to gather up all my camping gear that hadnt been used since my kids were little. It was fun to cook on the propane stove again.

The sleeping situation left something to be desired. Ben wanted to sleep with his dad in his sleeping bag. So the second night we stayed until the campfire was finished, packed up and headed home.
The boys all helped gather wood for the campfire.

When we were driving to the Jellystone Campground, the rain began and we had to put up the tent pronto. Luckily we had some nice neighbors that gave us a hand. I hadnt really remembered even how to put it up after 15 years!;)

Some activities at the camping are were a hike around Bear Lake. The boys enjoyed reading the nature signs along the way. It was a beautiful day!

The one mile distance was just right for the sea level hikers.

The campground had a pool and miniature golf. Lots to do!

Here we are playing candy bar bingo. You bring a candy bar to play and the winner gets all the candy!! My kids played this when we went years ago. This place still rocks!

Back home we went to the Douglas County Rodeo. Here they were teaching you how to rope a calf.

My brother gives it a try!

Was he successful?

Last stop was a tour of the Garden of the Gods. The boys really enjoyed the museum inside as well. I had never checked it out.

It was a fun and busy week. We had lots to do. Great to see everyone and get to see the mountains.

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Barry Sames said...

Great Blog Trish! Brought back all of the memories!