Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rick Steve Rookies

This is the gote canal where we took our rest stop. To go across the whole country in this man made canal it takes 5 days

Doug and I have been looking forward to our long awaited trip to Scandinavia. We decided to try a "Rick Steve" tour since I loved his books and philosophy. I have been following his humorous walking tours through Paris, London, and madrid on previous trips. I have listened faithfully to his weekly podcasts on my iPod. So this year we booked his best of Scandinavia that is organized but not guided by Rick.
Before we even left we had to sign an agreement that we would carry our Bags up to three flights of stairs, several blocks, be willing to share bathrooms, and survive without air conditioning.

I was hoping for some younger and more active participants. We were very curious about our fellow travelers. As we went around the table on initial introductions, we noticed 3 teenagers and a great variety of ages. But what surprised us most was that most had been on four, five and even seven other rs tours. This was a good sign from the start. The next day we were introduced to the name game and we each had to get with our buddy to interview and share with the group. Often Rick is quoted about that store or restaurant and that is mentioned in the book. I guess there is a good formula, otherwise what keeps people coming back? They learn so much and see a lot.

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