Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hanging Lake Trail, Glenwood springs

Today we headed to Grand Junction for the put -in to the Gunnison River Canoe Trip. Debbie and I decided to take a break and do the Hike up to Hanging Lake. I had done this 10 years ago but forgot how steep and rocky this was. Even though the mileage was only 1.2 miles each way, this was classified as a challenging hike. The lake was gorgeous due to the high waters this summer. Hiking up the trail the smells of the green forest evergreen was heaven. We encountered ferns and beautiful wildflowers of many colors. The views as we peered up into the sky were of the sides of the canyon . As we hiked up the boulder covered trail we saw we were getting nearer to our goal. We passed 6 crossover bridges of switchbacks to get to the top. Views of the descending waterfall kept rewarding our ears with the sounds of the fast rushing water. The altitude climb of 1000 ft was apparent as we needed to stop and rest every once in a while. When we got to the lake was it so worth it. The water was so blue and green and the three waterfalls looked like a fairyland. We walked around the perimeter of the lake and could go up to the falls and feel the refreshing mist of the water. There were many teenagers having a great time taking pics of each other climbing up on the rocks as far as they could. Coming down was faster but we were still cautious so we could continue on our adventure tomorrow on the Gunnison river....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Acrylic Painting for my Bedroom?

I just recently renovated my master bath and needed some new visual elements for my walls. I got the idea of doing two large panels 24 x 36 overtop my dresser. I used the duvet cover as inspiration for my colors. I chose the pattern (and sea blue for the walls) to feel soothing.
I started working on my double panels. Here are some new techniques I experimented with.
My favorite one was the pouring paint in layers. I started with some Lumiere gold paint and mixed with water to dilute it in a paper cup. Then I squeezed the cup to make a spout and poured. The first time it was too thick and I had to add more water. Then I put several more colors on top. Lastly I did a thin line with titan buff and let it touch the other shape. What I really liked was the organic shapes I made with the pouring.
I also collaged some lacy paper on the canvas over the blue color. If a color didnt work I painted over it. When I was finished I liked the painting but didnt think it was a very restful painting. I hung it in my loft for now. Im still working on my other canvas and Im keeping it more subdued with beiges and lighter colors. Ill keep you posted...