Friday, July 15, 2011

Denmark- The land of many Islands

A beautiful sunset tonight on the Island of Aero (10 pm)  

Denmark is made up of 600 islands and we are on one tonight.  The town of Copenhagen is surrounded by canals since it was such an important trading city. Today we boarded our bus to leave Copenhagen to head for the town of Roskilde. We visited a Viking boat museum and a Cathedral where all the Royalty will be buried. It is a Romanesque style church with lots of gold , painting, and ornamentation inside.

In order to get to our Aero Island, we had to go over the longest suspension bridge in the world, twelve miles, Storken and then we took a ferry- bus and all. This island is only 6 miles by 22 miles long. Our group had to split up in three different accommodations. Some had shared bathrooms, but we lucked out because of Doug's height we got the only hotel instead of a B&B.
The small cottages are very brightly painted and cozy. Hollyhocks are growing everywhere out of holes in the cobblestone.

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Steve said...

Wow I really like that last picture! Glad you guys are having fun.