Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Collage and Corkscrews

The teachers at my school wanted to do a painting class on canvas. I taught them a collage mixed media class.
We all started with red backgrounds and added our choice of collage papers to texturize the background.
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Each person made some type of tree on the canvas with paper. Next we added paint for the trunks and sky.
We had 12 teachers come to the neighborhood center where we held the class. Of course, we had beverages and refreshments.

Here are some of the finished creations.

Reduction Lino Print

This was a carving in linoleum using the reduction technique.
While my 7th graders were making their plate, I carved one too.

 First step was to carve out the white areas and print with the yellow color.
Next I carved out the yellow  areas and printed again with light green , this only showed up the yellow color.
Finally I carved the green areas out and printed with the dark violet.
If I were to do this again , I would have the dark color outlining the skull.

This is the printing board I made so we could line up the pages each time. The process is call registration. At the top is a 3 hole punch to line up the paper each time. The plate is laid in the corner each time and the paper if put on top into the holes.
 I made two for my class and forgot to label one A and B because they were not exactly the same.
 I used mat board scraps and had to glue with epoxy on the plexiglass.

Each of these prints were done with one block
I was inspired at the Cincinnati Art museum we went to and saw a collection of Picasso Prints he had done using the reduction Printing method.

Picasso liked to carve in linoleum as he did with these three.