Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reduction Lino Print

This was a carving in linoleum using the reduction technique.
While my 7th graders were making their plate, I carved one too.

 First step was to carve out the white areas and print with the yellow color.
Next I carved out the yellow  areas and printed again with light green , this only showed up the yellow color.
Finally I carved the green areas out and printed with the dark violet.
If I were to do this again , I would have the dark color outlining the skull.

This is the printing board I made so we could line up the pages each time. The process is call registration. At the top is a 3 hole punch to line up the paper each time. The plate is laid in the corner each time and the paper if put on top into the holes.
 I made two for my class and forgot to label one A and B because they were not exactly the same.
 I used mat board scraps and had to glue with epoxy on the plexiglass.

Each of these prints were done with one block
I was inspired at the Cincinnati Art museum we went to and saw a collection of Picasso Prints he had done using the reduction Printing method.

Picasso liked to carve in linoleum as he did with these three.

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