Monday, December 15, 2008

Alaska board book spread

I finished another spread in my board book from our Alaska trip this past weekend. We took a ferry trip across the Prince William Sound from Valdez to Whittier. Unfortuneately the weather was not the best so we didnt see as much as we could have. We did see some seals, and otters. I collaged a map of the land next to the sound where we went with paper of glacier photographs. I drew in the glacier areas with a white paint pen and labeled the many glaciers we passed. This is a photo of my son on the hull of the ship with a thin jacket as teenagers do. I thought it was funny with the oldsters all bundled up.


Adrienne's Art said...

Hi Trish,
I found your blog from the yahoo art ed group and I love all your collage and altered book work! I have never even heard of Zentangle doodle but I think it's very clever.

I sometimes include things I'm doing with my classes along with my personal blog, but I would like a place to show student work. My problem is time to maintain the blog or website.

Thanks for including your link, I will definitely check back often.


Sandra Evertson said...

Lovely and great black and white pice below!
Sandra Evertson