Saturday, December 13, 2008

Marie Antoinette Award!! My first blog award!

Thanks to Val from
Val's Altered HeART Journey who gave me this award. You can see her link on my favorite sites. Im so excited and told all my friends and family. I still have some friends Im trying to convince to start a blog too.
Link to the award:

I started this blog 5 months ago and it has been alot of fun. I encourage all you lurkers to start one. Its a great way to meet other artists online and to see others who have similar art interests.

I love many kinds of art and its so hard to decide what type to concentrate on. I love sketching and watercolor and also mixed media collage. Since I teach middle school art, I get to try out some things on them. After Christmas break, Im teaching two new electives: 1.Collage and printing , 2. sculpture. So I will get to post some new subjects as I go.

Thank you Val for giving me this award. I love all your collage work and all the textures you show on them. Go see Val's amazing work. She is so talented and lives in Colorado too. Maybe some day we will meet in person??

The people I chose here are supposed to post the award on their blogs, link to the person who gave it them, and then pass it on to seven other bloggers if you are so inclined, and link to them. Congratulations, all you fine artists.

Margaret Storer-Roche
I love her artwork sketching and painting of all the beautiful places around where she lives in Arizona and her travels. She is amazing how she is always creating something and her blog layout is gorgeous!! I dont think she misses a day. I didnt realize she was a middle school teacher as well. I love checking her blog and you will too!!

2. Martha Brown
I love all her great altered art of many varieties. Check out her blog!

3. Sandy
I love her sketchings with color. Such great perspective and a variety of subjects. Always fun to check out!!

4. Anne Cough
She has fantastic altered art . I especially love the houses. She videos all her art to see it from all views. check it out.

5. Anita Davies
I love her sketching and painting. She has so many interesting journals. I enjoy seeing all the architecture and scenes around her UK home.


Margaret Ann said...

Thank you Trish for this lovely award! What a happy day! :)

martha brown said...

Thank you so much for this award!It's such a fun one!