Monday, May 18, 2009

Teaching an Art class

I taught a class in South Denver with some of my artist friends. We used watercolors and masking fluid to transfer a roman column or some did a cross. After rubbing off to reveal the white watercolor paper, we colored with markers and watercolor pencils. Then we added different collage pieces. I was trying this out to teach my 8th grade next year.

This painting used a transparency as the last step.


Mary Lynn said...

I am a retired art teacher, and I love this project. The transparency step resulted in a beautiful work of art.

Anonymous said...

so, just wondering - i have been trying to play around with image transfer and never seem to be able to transfer color very wee mll. is this a collage/ then with a transparency placed over top of it? i have many many transparency sheets and have been wanting to do a project like this with art one students.
e mcdaniel