Sunday, November 23, 2008

Step 3 on my Collage

Here I added more printing elements: We made styrofoam prints, here is a fish on the center left, I made a shell print with that foamy hairdryer substance on the bottom. Another printed paper is in the center as a thin strip (orange and light blue) This was a print from a Traci Bautista class using paper towels and liquid watercolor. Get her book, its great!! There is some paste paper techinique on the right side (blue) I cut into the shape of waves. I added some net on the bottom keeping with the undersea theme. Here and there I put bits of mulberry paper to fill in holes or cover up sharp edges.

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Val Foster said...

I really like your collage work. I also do some collage, some of it rather abstract. I'm beginning to like abstract collage more and more.

I have given you an award. I think you deserve it. Please visit my blog to read about it.