Sunday, April 1, 2012

Back From Artfest!! Misty Mawn

These are three collages I  worked on in class. I need to finish the face here.

 Day one on Thursday My class was with Misty Mawn. She is a fantastic collage artist. We learned how to do backgrounds and some subject techniques. Misty demonstrated all these collages.

we used stablio marker to add design
 Misty put together collage piece and painted on a portrait overtop the image. Face Before,
This was a silhouette image collage.

These two pieces were done by other students in the class.
Assembling a vase of flowers.

Starting the Girl with a pearl earring collage.

She does a great job with faces. I wish I took the portrait class.
This "halo" was done with a stencil doily.

Here the collage face is painted with different colors.

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