Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Second Day at Artfest: Gina Armfield Watercolor birds of Prey

 These were two paintings I did in our Birds of a Feather Class. Look closely at the tips of the feathers to the right where we wrote a poem with tiny words using a magnifying glass.  I really enjoyed Gina's class. She was a Great Teacher and constantly helped us with our paintings. I loved the concept of layering the lighter and then darker colors. We used wet in wet for some of the mottled areas.
Gina gave us a lesson about types of paints, brushes and papers. The first step was to draw the shapes with our micron .001 pen.

This was the second step to add the lightest colors. We used a magnifying glass to see the blues and pinks in the beige colors.

These three birds were done by other students in the class. During our critique, Gina noted that everyone has their own style.

This was one of Gina's paintings.

At the end of the day we walked around the room and discussed each students paintings from the day. Note the cool light she recommended we get. Its a battery operated ott light with natural lighting. I could of used it. Also we needed a magnifying glass to see all the underlying colors in the image.

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Christy Grant said...

These are all fabulous.I am loving the things you made and classes you took there.