Monday, March 12, 2012

Mile High Mixed Media Group

These are stamps we made with a peel and stick flooring square and foam shapes stuck on. We applied paint with our brayer to these stamps on the black and white paper.


Susan Sager Brown said...

Mrs. Ackerman! thanks for visiting broknheartart! I highly recommend any of Misty Mawn's classes. I have only taken her 2 day portrait class, but she is kind, supportive, shares her techniques generously and vastly talented and I'm sure that translates into every class! I turned out very raw work in that class, I had Never attempted to draw before. Misty encouraged me, shared music likes with me, and gave everyone attention altho the class was quite large. Watching her draw and paint is magic. So...I came home and put the drawing away for about a year. The I got bit by the bug again. I took an online course given by Gritty Jane, I can email you about my experience, cuz I'm writing a book here! LOL I practice as much as a can, not every day, and the trick is, learning to really SEE. Then you've mastered it!! xoS

Susan Sager Brown said...

Wow! what a great group you have! and a great idea for a meeting, these stamps and papers are delicious! Anne Bagby is an inspiration here and you girls did her proud! LOVE! and your artfest fat book pages are super cool, thank you for the step by step technique on the monoprinting! Your work is awesome! oh I have a soon to be college freshman! Rutgers New Brunswick! Go Scarlett knights! now if only I could see those Fjords in person, what an amazing experience! xoS