Saturday, November 2, 2013

Helping in Haiti

For Fall break this year I led a mission trip to Grand Savann Haiti.
Our purpose was to continue with a project to rebuild a school that was destroyed in the Hurricane.

We were there while the bread oven was finished. Rochester Christian Church had been here in April to start the project. We were able to work alongside them and to continue the school construction.

Every morning we started the day with prayer. Two people were chosen to pray in Haitian and two in English.

Here is the church. In the background you can see the school wing we were working on.

We took a walk through their beautiful village. It was surprising how many Voodoo temples were nearby. We prayed with some of the church members and their family.

Here is a before pic, nice and clean early in the morning. We drank so much water and gatorade packets to keep up our strength.

This was the hardest job, making the concrete for the stucco. We had to shake a screen to get very small particles of sand to make the mixture. We built up our muscles!

Linette and I helped the ladies make some yeast bread for their new oven.

In the evening we had our devotions on the rooftop. One night we had this gorgeous sunset.
We had four of us from my school participate in the trip. It was great getting to know everyone. We loved our new best friends.

This was the grounds where we stayed in Christianville. There were people from many different ministries staying here. We all had dinner together and talked about our days.

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