Friday, September 27, 2013

My Art Displayed in Fundraising Show VSA

VSA is an organization that provides art programs for people with disablility.  Every year they have a fundraiser and sell original art pieces in an evening event. My friends Kim, Stacey, and Jen all worked on our pieces last Wednesday. The company supplies a 10 x 10 wooded board to create your art on. We all chose collage mixed media art. Here mine is hanging up with Kim's to the left and Stacey's below Kims boat landscape.
This pic shows the orange sticker they put on the paintings as they sell. I  sold mine as I can see from the photo. We weren't able to go Friday night due to sickness.

Here is my landscape collage. I used some batik paper , paste paper, unyru and other hand painted papers that I made to assemble together.

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