Monday, March 8, 2010

Visiting Embrace Exhibit at Denver Art Museum

Last Saturday was a free day at the DAM so I decided to check out the exhibit I will be taking my 8th graders to later this month. This was entirely held in the new Contemporary building and they really took advantage of all the varied space and angles the architecture supports.
Each artist was given a corner or wall to create on. Most all the art was made when they got there. There is an exhibit with time lapse video and pictures to show the step by step processes.

This is a room downstairs by the gift shop. The artist Matthies wanted to emphasize different words immigrants felt throughout the world. This is really a hands on exhibit with cushions to lie on and sculpture to touch.
This was an exhibit I deemed inappropriate for my 8th graders entitled Dying Christ is rushed to the hospital by Shishkin. This includes a whole room to appreciate. The drop cloths used while painting are still in place.
This hanging sculpture by McEnroe was really interesting. They have cell phone codes you can play for each exhibit. (Unfortuneatly the reception is not good in the rooms) This was entitled Bathers. He used pantyhose filled with sand. Then he coated them with polyresin and drained out the sand after it was hard. I love the shapes and the shadows created in the exhibit. This is found on the fourth floor.

I couldnt find out alot of info on the exhibits as I would of liked to. I tried all the cell phone numbers but I would of liked some printed material as well. I would highly recommend this
exhibit as its something different containing all the installations. You can walk through as be a part of. There were many new exhibits on the fourth floor I hadnt seen last time I went. This is the last month to see this. So hurry over.

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