Monday, July 13, 2009

My Glorious Garden

Being from Colorado we hardly ever get rain in the summer and by July everything is dead and looks like the sahara desert along the road. (Unless its sprinkled) This year we have had SO much rain that I am so proud of my garden this year. It has been fun to watch it bloom and grow. Here is my front porch with my waterfall I made myself several years ago. I have to take out the pump every winter since it gets so cold and I readjust the rocks every time. I keep adding new shrubs around the waterfall as we tear out the ugly evergreens that take over. All the planters I put together myself. Even my clematis (on the far left) keeps on blooming. Its amazing what some rain will do.


Jill H said...

I LOVE your garden. The front of your house looks so different from what I remember. Hooray for all the rain!

Shy One said...

Greetings New Friend,

I am a lifetime gardener and a professioner landscaper. I have built many yards and I say yours is quite wonderful!
What a peaceful place to sit and listen to the water and birds during your short summers. IT is so hot here that we tend to stay indoors during the summer.
Do I see Heather in your bed? Or is that Lavender? LOVE the birch tree, we have so few of those here naturally. The white bark is great next to your house and green scrubs.
This is the first year I have not had to water at all, had floods all year. Bad for southern crops. Lost all of our veggies...But I see you have a great green thumb. Would love to send you a few Daylillies. I see you have at least one.
Hugs again,
Emily in NC