Sunday, May 25, 2014

Woodcarving and Printmaking Class

This Spring I took an art class at the Denver Student Art League in Denver. They have great teachers and many variety of classes. Teresa Haberkorn is an artist and printer and I had been wanting to take a class with her. The  building is south of downtown in an old school building built in 1893. Each room is set up for a specific type of art like ceramics, printmaking, painting, live model drawing, and sculpture.

Here our teacher demonstrates how to ready the ink for rolling on the woodcut.

Here is the design I chose and the visual image I drew from.

We use a bench hook to hold our piece of wood and cutting tools. The type of wood is poplar plywood.

Inking the outline onto the other pieces of wood.

Here is the mat board assemblage we made to register our prints. (So they line up every time)

After I carved the outline out we made a print to the other pieces of wood I will be carving for each color.

The first step in printing was to do a tan background.

We only had 8 people in our class. This is our room. Note the huge drying rack on the left where we left our prints to dry.
Second color is blue. Printed onto of the tan.

Next is Brown for the hawk.

We hung up our prints from everyone in the class.

Drying rack.

We had two printing presses for our class.

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