Friday, August 3, 2012

Wednesday the day for Dance

Notice mom and dad sitting on the rock in the foreground
Notice the dancers on the ground while the bass is played

Today the highlight was a trip to a dance venue called Jacobs pillow. It's another destination tucked into a forest of trees in becket Massachusetts . They have many theaters and even a video library devoted to dance. Our first show was held outdoors in an open air stage. We sat on rocks for chairs . The dance was very modern and used the spoken word and chairs. While one dancer was writhing on the stage, another plucked a string on the bass. I enjoyed the movement although I was lost on the meaning.


The finale was a treat with the Royal Winipeg Ballet dancing to Carmina Burana with 4 costume changes.

The movements were more progressive ballet with the whole piece danced to choral music. There were 22 dancers on stage at times. This was held in a building that was laid out in a wooden barn like feel. The dancing was phenomenally talented coming from all over to perform here.


For Our scheduled free time in the afternoon, dad and I explored the Hancock shaker Village nearby.


It was a living museum with beautiful architecture and gardens. This is the religious group known for their wooden furniture and shaker pegs on every wall. Unfortunately there are only 3 left due to their belief in celibacy.


I loved the colorful buildings and seeing the finely made baskets, chairs, brooms and boxes. The kitchen was well set up with stoves and ovens for multiple uses

And dumb waiters going to different floors for washing dishes ,cooking, and serving.


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