Saturday, June 11, 2011

Acrylic Painting for my Bedroom?

I just recently renovated my master bath and needed some new visual elements for my walls. I got the idea of doing two large panels 24 x 36 overtop my dresser. I used the duvet cover as inspiration for my colors. I chose the pattern (and sea blue for the walls) to feel soothing.
I started working on my double panels. Here are some new techniques I experimented with.
My favorite one was the pouring paint in layers. I started with some Lumiere gold paint and mixed with water to dilute it in a paper cup. Then I squeezed the cup to make a spout and poured. The first time it was too thick and I had to add more water. Then I put several more colors on top. Lastly I did a thin line with titan buff and let it touch the other shape. What I really liked was the organic shapes I made with the pouring.
I also collaged some lacy paper on the canvas over the blue color. If a color didnt work I painted over it. When I was finished I liked the painting but didnt think it was a very restful painting. I hung it in my loft for now. Im still working on my other canvas and Im keeping it more subdued with beiges and lighter colors. Ill keep you posted...

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