Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monoprints with Serge

I had the privilege of taking a class with Serge who is a professor at UNC in his expertise of Printing. The type we did is Trace Monoprints. We learned how to properly ink our plate and used different tools to draw our design on the plate. Then we ran the plate through his press to get a Ghost print. We used oil based ink that cleaned up easily with vegetable oil and Simple green spray. We immediately could add color with watercolor. So much fun!


Mollie O'Mara said...

Hi Trish - Can you spell out the steps for this great lesson?
NYC Art Teacher

trish said...

I havent done this project yet. I ordered the oil based ink and it came in a water soluble which wouldnt work with the watercolors. we taped rice paper ontop of the plexi that was inked. then simply draw on the paper using different widths of pencil or other objects to make a mark. The ink transfers onto the other side of the paper.