Friday, August 21, 2009

Tryptich Book and altered photos

This was a book I made from a class I took in Fort collins by Kelly Kilmer. It was alot of fun to make the book and then paint the pages with different techniques.
Its called a Tryptch book because it has three sections that fold in.
Another part of the class included altering photos. We used sandpaper, stencils, paint, glitter and other items to change the photos and make them interesting. I mounted them in my book I made.
The best photos for this seemed to be ones of a large closeup of single objects. Kelly brought some photos of hers we could use. Here are some of the pages.

I would like to try this with my photography class this year with the photos they take. Sewing the book will be a little challenging but I think they can do it. Last year we sewed a book and they did well with it.


Barbara said...

Great little book. I hope you will get to make this type of book with your kids and post the results. I like the ink drawing that yo can barely see on the left side of the book.

trish said...

I just finished them with my 8th great check out my school web site (linked here) next week.