Friday, August 22, 2008


Recently I had Kim and Stacey come over for an Art night. I taught them how to do some suminagashi Marbling. I had learned how to do this at an Artiscape class. I had the kit I purchased with many colors and the necessary surfactant- photo flo. We Played around with this for awhile. I used this color in my tip in book (see below) for a background in the Art Noveau pages. I hope to use this in making some book covers with my middle schoolers.

To do this Technique:
You select two colors of the dye and one clear photo flo container. We used sumi brushes to do this since it is a Japanese art. After setting up the tray (I used an old clear plastic box frame that was about 1 1/2 inch deep) fill with water and dip each brush in random order that has the color on it. The circles are made as you keep dipping into the center of the water. After you have enough rings you slowly blow to disturb and make the design. It was really fun. I hope to do this with my 8th grade class this year.

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