Saturday, August 23, 2008

Alaskan Board Book

I was excited to use my recent trip to make a themed board book. I decided to use a spread for each place we visited. Our Trip was 2 weeks so I hope this works out. The cover was made from some paper I printed from a Traci Bautista artfest class. I will share what I have finished so far.

This spread describes our trip to Denali Park. I used some bark at the top and stamped Denali over it. There is the map to the park as well as a pic from the lodge we stayed in while there.

This spread represents the day we drove through the highways from Denali to Fairbanks then onto Chitina. The map shows our route and we saw moose along the side of the road. The road was so deserted, you could stop and no one way around to watch the moose.


Mary S Hunt said...

wonderful trip!!!
i was drawn in to read your whole blog..!

nice artwork

can't wait for future visits

cindy said...

Wonderful book. Such a great way to remember a fun trip. I look forward to more spreads in your book.
I enjoyed your blog too. Read through everything.
Best of luck!