Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Travel to Ohio for Thanksgiving

We had a very good reason to spend Thanksgiving in Lima Ohio this year. My dear little Lucie Pearl was born in October and we were excited to see and hold her again. I love this photo. She has the most interesting expressions at times.

Steve and Lindsey surprised us with their new dining room table and chairs. They also purchased a new couch so everyone could visit together in the living room. My whole family came for the holiday including Lucie's great-grandparents, Nanny and Poppy from N.J. It was a great time to visit and catch up. Ian flew all the way from California as well. We were anxious to hear about his job offers he was deciding on.
First activity was to get Steve's yard in shape. He hadnt done much raking of leaves, and boy were there alot! Steve bought this new contraption to help pick up the leaves. Here he is demonstrating it. I wanted to do a youtube video on this (even had the camera set up) but he ran away.
Everyone pitched in to help rake for a total of 20 large bags. Even though it was freezing cold we borrowed coats, gloves and hats to get the job done.
Uncle Scott holds little Lucie. Ashley and Scott picked Nanny and Poppy from the airport and came down on Thursday. We cooked and ate our dinner on Friday while being entertained with Steve's You tubes of harried/violent shoppers from black Friday present and past on the TV.
Steve and Lindsey's home. There was plenty of room for us and Ian to stay here. Notice the absence of leaves.

Poppy gets his turn. We cant wait to see Lucie again at Christmas in New Jersey!

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