Thursday, August 28, 2014

Exploring the sites of Rome

Ian and I headed to Rome after our hiking portion of the trip. We stayed in an Air BnB residence in the Campo di Fiori district. It was my first time using this website. My other son had stayed here two years ago so I reserved with the same apartment. It worked out well. Not the most modern but was sufficient. 

I had been to Rome before so I didn't take a ton of pics. Mainly some for my art classes. I teach classic greek and Roman art in 6th grade. This was my favorite fountain.

These mosaics were exquisite. The detail is amazing.

Ian liked the National Rome museums. This one had a lot of classical sculpture.

The discus thrower

I liked the masks in this relief sculpture

More mosaics and marble.

I couldn't believe there was a hippo in here.This was a floor mosaic from the Nile region in Egypt, 2nd century AD.

I Loved these umbrella Pine Trees. I found there was a whole pinterest board on them.

The greek vases are always fun to see the different scenes of everyday life or greek myth heroes. My 6th grade class does a scratchboard project with these vase shapes.

The roman forum

We covered many sites. Ian had our days mapped out. We also used some Rick Steves walking tours on audio.

Do we look hot?

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