Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alaska altered book

This spread shows the part of our trip where we flew into a remote area, Kennicott, there is a ghost town there from an old mine and two glaciers. We had a gorgeous day for the flight. Bright clear sunshine day so we could see everything. Down to the moose in the lake below.
Here are the beautiful mountains we stayed right outside of in Kennicott. We wore crampons for the glacier hike. The group ahead of us saw a mother bear and cubs. This was a nice place to get away from all the crowds. The only way into the town was to fly or drive for 3 hours on a gravel road going 30 mph and then had to take a footbridge to the town. One of the highlights of our trip. I used mulberry paper , pattern tissue paper for the mountains and paint to simulate the landscape we saw.

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Linda Manning Findley said...

North to Alaska ... love it ... Linda F